Friday, July 26, 2013

P365 45th time is a charm

Ugh! I don't know what is with me not being able to commit to a 365!  The ladies in my FB group are doing a great job and you really truly can see them improving.  So I'm going to jump in AGAIN and see if I can make it stick.  Not saying I'll hit every single day, but I certainly think I can do better than 5 pictures out of 56 days so far!  I'm just going to start counting where my group is now.

I have a bazillion reasons why I've been flakey, life just gets in the way.  We just finished up with THIRTY TWO CONSECUTIVE days of house guests. Yes, I said 32!  One group would leave and the next would arrive the next day.  I have loved having everyone, but boy that sure disrupts your groove.  I'm hosting a baby shower on Sunday and then, life should settle down.  I hope! So here we are on day 56.

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