Sunday, June 2, 2013

Third time is a charm!

Let's get this party started...again! Third time is a charm, right?  This was to be will be the year that I rock my camera.  I set some goals earlier in the year and I've I can say I have accomplished a few.

I took a class through Clickin Moms called "The Best Darn Beginner Course" this past month.  While I'm glad I took the class it definitely filled in some holes,  I didn't have quite as many A-HA moments as I had hoped.  My exposure and white balance are improving, but I still struggle with that elusive tack sharp focus. The best thing that came out of the class was that I've connected with a bunch of super sweet, super supportive gals who are at all different stages of the beginning just like me.  So I'm trying a few things/projects out to see what fits.

Earlier this year I participated (using that term loosely) in a book study of Picture Perfect Practice, but quite frankly I just couldn't get into it.  So I decided I would do a Project 52-how hard could it be to post one picture a week?  Again, I just couldn't get into it.  So what else makes perfect sense is to jump into a P365-ya, that's a picture A DAY. Right?  I have read a bazillion times how shooting every day is a game changer, so I'm trying to do a 365 with some of the ladies from my class.  Our 365 started yesterday, and yes, I'm already a day late.  Oh well. Not gonna sweat it. 

So here is picture 1/365 that I took today.  It is my neighbor, Madison.  I found a sweet spot of light in the most unusual place.  Do you ever have revelations in the shower? I do.  I was trying to figure out  what I was going to do for my first photo of the 365 and I thought of this outside stairwell leading to my dark basement.  I forsee many pictures being taken in this itty bitty beautifully lit awkward door way to a cementy basement.


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